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Speedpro Signs and Speedpro Imaging accross Canada work with Listen360 to collect feedback from all of our customers.

How does it work? you can see the science behind the scoring. Basically refer ability is key to profitability and if you clients are happy they would have no problems referring you, right?

So the survey is 1 Question. How likely are you to refer us?  Remember this is not a rating of how we did for your transaction unless that affects our refer ability with you.  If the answer is YES then we ask you to score is 9 or 10.  If the answer is maybe then 6-8.  If the answer is no then under 6.

How does this help us help you?

We track it, we speak to it with out staff and they know what is making our customers happy and what does not. In fact each employee has one activity a week that is designed to help improve that score so we know we are exceeding your expectations.

We upload ALL the clients every week, and the email is sent out once and then one reminder to respond.  If you order frequently you would see this request about every 3 months.


Check and see what some of the responses have been…

Grande Prairie Speedpro Feedback Live Updates: Click HERE

Calgary – public link coming soon

Examples of ratings on Listen360 for Speedpro Signs

Examples of ratings on Listen360 for Speedpro Signs