File Preparation for sign work is not difficult, however we do need certain types of files for different applications.

Standard Files:

Logos: When possible we ask for your logo in a Vector format, that usually means a file that ends in .eps or .ai or sometimes .cdr or .pdf.  There will be some times we  can use a jpg or other type but only in limted settings (example a sponsor sign where the organizers cannot get a vector format). We may have your logo on file so please ask!

Print Ready Files:

Signs/Banners/ Banner Stands etc

Final files should be 100dpi at full size, and even our largest products like wrap files should not be larger than 25 – 100 MB.  We accept native pdf files and can print direct if all the sizing etc is correct. We will only open your print files with your approval, we prefer not to as it could adjust the color profiles you have made.  We also accept jpg files and if there are no bitmaps we can use .eps as well.

  • The only caveat is when we need to use the router or the printer to trim your graphic, then we need to work with you to either 1. Add our cut path to your palettes or 2. open your file and add the cutpath ourselves.

Time we have issues:

Here are some reasons your files might have issues

  1. Layers/transparencies etc. Many times these need to be combined
  2. Fonts not converted to curves/outlines
  3. Lines in the graphic having a stroke applied to them not a contour these can disappear at full size
  4. No bleeds when needed, (example banner stands all need a 6″ tail at the bottom to go in the frame)
  5. Rushing a first time order (for some reason…. supplied files and first time orders have some issues unless they are a jpg with no funny business.


We provide templates for many of our products check them out here: