Here are the most common materials we make signs out of for you. There are thousands of products we can make out of these materials so if you think it we can make it!

Common Materials Available Thicknesses Max Sheet Size Notes
Acrylic Plastic 1/8″, 3/16″,1/4″. 3/8″,1/2″. Varies Non Stocked in large sizes
Aluminum 040,063,080 4×8 ft Non Stocked
Aluminum Composite 3mm, 6mm 4x8ft, 5×10 spec order stocked in Standard size white *Colors and finishes available
Coroplast 4mm,10mm 4x8ft, 5×10 spec order stocked in Standard size white *Colors available
Wood 1/2″ 4x8ft stocked in Standard size white



Reflective Custom Pricing
Custom Shape See Flat Panel Sign Custom Shapes
Install We will come and do an onsite to determine installation


You may not know what kind of substrate you need.  We can help you answer that by getting in touch with our team by phone 780-538-2030 or email grandeprairie @

We can suggest or we can give you a quote for each type so you can use that to make your decision.

There is a balance between budget and longevity….. it’s your call!