Computers and DIY software have become so abundantly available and it’s easier than ever for small business owners to create their own logos, flyers, signs, and marketing materials. So, in this digitally-saturated easy-to-use do-it-yourself world, who needs a professional graphic designer? The answer: you do. And here’s why.

Expertise. Like any industry, a design professional has invested years in college and real-world experiences learning about typography, design & colour fundamentals, image manipulation, illustration, visual theories and design software. In contrast, that free software program that came with your new laptop – may take you 3 hours just to learn how to scale an image (and is it a scalable vector once you’re done with it?). Just as you are the expert in your field, at Speedpro we are each experts in helping you satisfy your marketing needs.

Your Time. Chances are, your passion and purpose lie somewhere other than fighting with new software, templates, fonts and colours. Meaning you’re not a design professional. So, you should be investing your time where it will give you the best pay off. While you pay a design professional to provide an effective vehicle wrap, chances are you’ve been busy working in your sweet spot and are creating much more revenue (and less stress).

Fresh Ideas. There’s a reason we call design professionals ‘creatives’. They love looking at everything and everywhere for inspiration. They see new ideas and unique perspectives all the time and can’t wait to apply them to their client’s designs. When you invest in a professional graphic designer, you’re investing in their new ideas and collections of experiences that are there to enhance everything they produce for you.

Consistency. A professional designer also knows how to implement these new ideas AND maintain your brand’s identity. As you know, it’s vitally important to stay in contact with your ideal customer. You reach them on multiple levels: printed material, your website, social media, building signs, trade shows, billboards.. The list is endless. Each of those pieces must be branded so that your ideal customer can recognize you and stay loyal to you. Your branded materials must be consistent to get that message across. A design professional will ensure that there is consistency across all mediums.

Uniqueness. Consistency doesn’t mean homogenized. Professional designers are trained to make your brand stand out. They know how to create unique materials that accurately represent you and connect with your ideal customer. Professional designers ensure that you are uniquely placed in your niche and that’s what will make your brand stand out.

Quality. Listen, free software is great! Especially when you can add 3D frames around low-resolution images and add 30 different fonts to one document, but is that really going to be an effective marketing piece? We suggest maybe not. The quality of work you receive from a design professional using $2,000 design-specific software and equipment will radically differ from the quality of work you’ll receive with the free Paint program you got with your new computer.

Pride. When you’re excited about how your marketing materials look, you’re ready to show them off. You can’t wait to get stuck in traffic with that new vehicle wrap, or put our your sandwich board, or proudly stand in front of your trade show display. The more visible you make yourself, the further you extend your reach. And that is how you find more of your ideal customer.

At Speedpro Signs our job is to make you look good – in a big way. With professional design as a foundation, your signs, decals, wraps, trade show displays, etc will be more effective and act as a better investment in your brand communications. Are you excited to show off your marketing materials or do you need some professional help?

We invite you to share some of your biggest concerns and challenges about your current marketing materials and how we can help make them look their best.