Tips on Branding your business

Get a nice clean logo designed. Many trades can fall into the trap of a: calling their business after themselves (Joe’s Remodeling Co) and or they have a nephew that took graphic design in high school and they did the logo. Not saying that Jimmy isn’t talented, but here is what we run into on our side

9 times out of 10, the program that Jimmy used is not compatible with our programs.  We don’t have unusual programs but we do need the logo in certain formats to guarantee to you that your logo ALWAYS looks clean and sharp.  Have you ever seen a truck or banner with a really fuzzy logo? That is what can happen. At this point we have 2 choices. Try to talk with Jimmy and get him to re create it in another program or export it in files we can use OR we can re trace it and get it into a format we can use.

More tips on design

      • Use only one or two colors
      • Stay away from picture or gradient fades
      • Keep it simple and readable
      •  Try to make sure your company name has what you do in it

Take your logo and its elements and try to use them in other places.

    • No one says you have to be conservative, if you have a non word based element in your logo look at what it looks like when it is blown up and placed in odd places (like the box of a tailgate) Does it attract the eye? Can you use it to get attention?
    • Make sure you have a digital copy of your logo in these formats. And request that they make sure the eps file is saved with the VECTOR file not the RASTOR file.  (Don’t worry they will know what you are saying and you might impress them a bit here)