Bed Stores and Furniture Store Signage Needs and Trends

The big trend in the retail world is using the environment to create an emotional connection.  Stores all around Canada are taking their high pressure sales messages and replacing them with more emotive, lifestyle and atmosphere building visuals.  By creating an environment where customers can see themselves and their families fitting with the brand it creates a deeper emotional connection.

Signage Ideas for your  retail furniture or bed shop business.

So how do you create that emotional reaction? First is by knowing what makes you special and why your customers come to you vs the other guy.   Is it the lines you carry they last a lifetime? Is it your warranty?  Maybe it is the fact you are family owned and operated?

Here are some ideas for you stores


Take a look at your walls. Is there any where you can use that wall to create a lifestyle mural that you can show your customers the kind of life they can have with your product?


Using vertical or ceiling banners can help create drama and hide a really tall warehouse type space to be more cozy and homey.

Window Graphics:

Use your real estate and push your message out to the walk by or drive by traffic.

Inside signs:

Do you represent your own brand? Have you updated it recently?? Think about it from a new customers perspective, what do they see what could you make better?

Changeable Banner Frames:

Co ordinate your message with your flyers or your sales, or even “NOW HIRING”.  These frames are easy to change all you need is a screwdriver (and maybe a ladder 🙂 )