Automotive Dealership Signage Needs and Trends


The big trend in the automotive world is the concept of “retail-ization”  Dealerships around Canada are taking their high pressure corporate sales message visuals and replacing them with more emotive, lifestyle and atmosphere building visuals.  By creating an environment where customers can see themselves and their families fitting with the brand it creates a deeper emotional connection.


Signage Ideas for your automotive business

Out of the box ideas to promote your dealerships.  WE all know about sales banners, and price signs for the hoods etc. Now lets talk interesting out of the box ideas on how to connect deeper with your customers and keep them coming back over and over.


Take a look at your naked walls. Is there any where you can use that wall to create a lifestyle mural that you can show your customers the kind of life they can have with your product?

Family lifestyle showroom banner


Hanging from the heights of your show room.  Using a light airy double-sided vertical banner you can create an effect that is impressive and dresses up an otherwise un used space.

Showroom banners
hanging showroom banners

Delivery Bay:

Make getting their new or new to them vehicle an experience. By creating an area dedicated to delivering the vehicle you get the customer out of the elements and in a nice cozy environment that shows them how important they are to you.  Taking their picture in front of your branded mural wall with their purchase cements you as their number one dealer.

Windfighter Pole Banners:

Designed with dealerships in mind these banners withstand winds up to 150 km/hr.  In the last 10 years we have never had one fail due to the wind (only from big trucks hitting them to be honest).  You may currently be fighting with replacing flags that tear within 3 months in our lovely Alberta wind.  Windfighters maintain their shape and represent your dealership 24/7.

Courtesy or Parts Vehicles:

These vehicles are driving around your target markets all day!!! There is no reason they can’t use the same thought behind your showrooms.  Stay away from cheesy sayings and overdoing the text.  Keep it simple and eye catching.

Dealership ID decals:

How do you brand your vehicles? Do you have a simple sticker for the back of the vehicle? Do you know there are many finishes like chrome, or embossing or different shapes available? Ask us we can show you.

The Normal Everyday:  Wondering about the normal everyday? We do that too, but if you are looking for ideas, check our for dealership focused sales material or

Of course these are just some of the ideas our fantastic idea generating team can help you with. At Speedpro we make all types of signs to help you grow your business.  Please give us a call today and we can help fine tune any idea to your budget and get you results!

Service dealership banner
Delivery Center sign