All things golf!

Golf is such a big part of the business world today. There are some of us here (Jennifer in particular) that only dislike golf because it is not the kind of sport you can just pick up. It take more commitment than that.
We make signs every year for many golf tournaments around the Peace Country. Trying to organize all the logos, the recognition can be overwhelming. Usually we have 80% of the logos you need on file already. That makes part of the job easier. We also like to design the signs in a way that you can reuse them next year, even if you change sponsors.

Golf Course Signs

Tee Signs

Get creative, mark your tee’s with graphics and signs that suit the surroundings and your brand. You can use unique materials (like rocks) or unique shapes and designs. We can handle those requests in house to speed up the production time.

Building Signs

Many golf courses have multiple building or at least multiple entrances, make it easy to direct the eye with great building signs. Signs set the tone for your customers, whether its relaxed and fun or more formal, pick the right color and size and you will help your customers feel the difference in your facility.
Menu Boards: Gone are the poorly lit menu board with the loose numbers and letters. Savvy facility owners know that the nicer the board looks, easier it is to read and change the better. Try anything from a digital sign to chalkboard based menus. Make it fit the space but easy to alter when your chef decides to change the menu up, you are not spending a fortune.

Digital Signs

Speaking of Digital Signs, if you have an area where people sit or relax or wait in line, then you could be improving your sales with digital signs. In todays age our brains are wired to notice and watch TV screens, our retention of information through this media is exponentially higher than other forms (written word, static ads etc). An effective digital network can not only improve sales on items like drink specials and food but can also increase attendance to events or generate revenue through offering ad time to other targeted businesses.

Sponsor Signs

Many golf courses have valued sponsors or individuals that have made contributions to the property to make it what it is. Those need to be recognized in a way that honors their contribution and fits the look and feel of the property. Creating a sponsor program for signs or an easy way for people to get recognized that doesn’t take forever to create like donor walls, room naming, course signs advertising and more. We can help you create a program that works for you.

Everyday signs

Safety is important to you and your patrons, signs directing traffic and warning away from hazards are all in a days work. Add to it traffic direction, wayfinding signs and more and it can be a lot of work to keep it all organized. Luckily we keep everything on file and have a catalogue of files and images to help you.

Wayfinding Signs

There comes a times when most companies out grow using paper based signs (either handwritten or printed from the computer) to help direct traffic. Think of the signs you might have that identify bathrooms, offices, cafe’s and more. Years ago those signs would have had to be made from an engraved material and would be costly and hard to change. Now we offer an unique modern modular system that is easy to change and easy to upkeep. Take alook at some of the projects we have completed in Grande Prairie.
Of course these are just some of the ways our fantastic idea generating team can help you with. At Speedpro we make all types of signs to help you grow your business. Please give us a call today and we can help fine tune any idea to your budget and get you results!