Signs for schools

Schools around Grande Prairie are becoming more and more invested in their image.


Just like a business uses their brand and marketing materials to create an environment their customers love, schools can create a sense of community, school pride and welcoming using their brand.

Schools can transform with a few murals, welcome signs and take it to the next level with photo backdrops and more.

Creating that sense of community can help reduce anxiety, create more connectedness with your student body and reduce vandalism as pride increases

Anything you need we can make. Keep scrolling for ideas and catalogs!

Safe and Stylish

With new recommendations around visibility into classrooms, using vinyl to screen the eye line can protect the students and staff as well as reduce the ‘fish bowl’ feeling that can come from increased glass between classes and common areas.

Its Fun To Show Off

Recognize your namesake or volunteers that have been integral in your school’s history. By installing small plaques you keep the stories alive for future generations.

Make the First Impression Count

First impressions start in the parking lot, so take advantage of the assets you have. Light poles are great for communicating seasonal or event messaging.

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