Special Projects

When you have something special you need made sometimes it requires out of the box ideas.  

Whether that is new materials or new techniques or taking simple and making it look complex.  

Over the past 20 years we have been lucky to stretch our skills on a variety of projects that we enjoy being a part of.

Spice Up Your Life

Why be boring when you can make your house address more environmentally interesting.  We have fully wrapped a rock before <insert link> and this is the same vinyl but only for a small area with a big impact. Unique acreage addresses simple and inexpensive option.

Who Doesn't Want a Personalized Mini Fridge!

Our products are like hot sauce- you can pretty much add it to anything.   Fridges are very popular for man caves, garages, staff rooms or silent auctions!  Coming up with the design can be as simple as you want it to be, and the install is faster than you think. You supply the fridge and we supply the decals

Better than Wallpaper!

Hardhat stickers are more than just advertising! From tailgate and safety meetings to site communications- your hard hat stickers can fill many different roles in your organization.

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