What makes Speedpro different?

The average business (maybe like yours) usually needs signs only occasionally, so when it comes to getting what you want for a decent price you can sometimes feel like you are at a disadvantage.  How are you supposed to know that some of those technical terms really mean? Or what is or isn’t possible?  We have found that the average customer thinks what we do is interesting, but really does not care what machine we use or what the technical name of the material is. When you come into Speedpro, or when you interact with us on the phone or email, we don’t overwhelm you by overloading you with sign jargon.

We try to understand very quickly why you have come to us and what kind of customer you are.  Do you need every detail from the thickness of the material and the process it all goes together? Or are you more interested in the big picture: essential details, price, timeline, color proof… everyone is different. One thing all our customers have in common: you have a problem we can solve.  Maybe you need new customers, or maybe you need to make your staff safer?

We listen to our customers! Here are the top irritations that customers have in dealing with the sign industry and how we try to limit those annoyances.


#1 You place your order and hear nothing back. Is there a big black hole where this goes? Why does it take so long to get anything back?

We are not immune to this problem. However, it is every staff member’s priority to get all orders in and processed as quickly as possible.  To try and help we have developed a series of emails that you get as the customer to let you know where your order is at in the process. We also hope that by educating our many repeat customers on our order process, we can help to eliminate situations that slow us down.  We are built for speed, but sometimes we get hit with some speed bumps.  When you get these emails, it also holds us accountable. We set some pretty aggressive timelines and expectations to get your order expedited.  Every day we are working to reduce wait times and make communications with you come first.

On the other hand, what does take so long?  Usually it is because we have stepped outside our process to help a customer in a rush. We typically process orders in the order they are received. Once entered in the computer, we give ourselves 48 hours to get the first proof to you (for standard orders).  If we move any orders to the front of the line it moves everyone else down. Same goes once the order gets into production.


#2 You feel the need to call to find out if your order is ready.

This is a very frustrating feeling.  We recognize that and we would love to eliminate the need.  Coming down the road will be the ability to log in online to see where your order is at. In the meantime we have two things we do to help reduce the need to call. First, we have standard delivery times based on the type of project you have. From the day you approve the proof and place your deposit the clock is ticking.  Those standard times do flex somewhat depending on the activity in the shop and can change from the day you call to inquire to the day you approve your proof. Being up front with those days is critical.  The second thing we do for you  is as soon as the job is complete we change it in our computer system. This generates an email to you before we can even call you.  This is a back up in case you do not get your message or voicemail should you not be available.  We have had some customers show up in between the time they get the email and before we can call.


#3  Feeling like you are in the dark on whether you are getting the best price and getting the right material. What are my options?

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat.  The lowest price is not always the best deal. Sometimes it’s worth a few extra dollars when you know that your needs are being met in the best way possible. We are a business, and all businesses need to make a profit. The problem comes when you suspect you are being overcharged for what you are getting in return. So how do you avoid this??? If you are price checking, please be aware that most sign companies do not compare apples to apples. Every company handles quoting in different ways. We have seen it all: from companies quoting low and then charging more at the end with no explanation, to simply charging less on the price using comparable materials.  Where the differences lie sometimes is in the extras.  Is design included? Have they included install if needed? How will the project be finished? (Think painted and sealed edges)  You have to be a bit of a detective.  Be clear about what you are asking for and ask for the same thing at each location.

There are many sign shops out there and there is one for everyone. You will find one that you can deal well with and will not feel the need to price shop.  Keep shopping around until you find one that you feel comfortable with. Most sign shops will reward your loyalty with a preferential treatment when it comes to prioritizing work.

At the end of the day our priority at Speedpro is to deliver you the right product with the right message for the right price.