When starting a project, it is always good to know and understand the process so you know how to help us get your project through faster.  We know you don’t do this every day like we do, and sometimes we may assume you know how we do things!

Estimates are a great way to lock down a price and get your order on the fast track to completion

All orders come with 15 minutes free design. This is usually enough for most simple orders.  Our policy is to start the design once the estimate is made into an order, unless otherwise requested.

Delivery times are always quoted based on the day the proof is approved and/or the deposit is made if needed.

Most orders will take at least 2 days unless classified a rush.  The basic process of printing and letting the vinyl cure before working with it is very important to the longevity of even the most simple design.

For order pick up we are open 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, and if needed can make alternate arrangements to make sure you get your order when you need it.

Thank you for your prompt payment.  Our payment terms are simple:  50% deposit or a credit card for security on your first order. Orders over $1,000 or that are subcontracted require a deposit even if an account is active.


What we learned the hard way:

What we have learned is that when we step outside this process, things go… well, you can imagine.  Every single order we sell is custom made and we can literally make a million different products with 4-5 core materials and none of them would look the same.

We really enjoy helping customers grow their businesses and that often means stepping outside the box to solve problems creatively.  No matter what crazy project we are working on, this process holds true.