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Aframe Metal

  • Sign Blanks easily slide in and out
  • Holds two sign- Various sizes available
  • Metal Frame is Industrial Painted
  • Easy to transport
  • ETA : 5-10 working days
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Custom Aframes

Custom Aframes! All it takes is one google search to get ideas!  From Custom materials, sizes and shapes and more!

For example we have made Aframes out of coroplast for one time or event uses… or a custom shaped sign to get more attention!

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Fabric Aframe

  • Tensioned Fabric
  • Collapses into travel carry bag
  • Can be staked or used weights to hold down
  • Comes in many widths and heights
  • Dye Sublimated Fabric provides vibrant colors
  • $140 each and up depending on size and qty
  • ETA 7-10 business days
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Roller Base Sidewalk Sign

  • Portable Sign Base
  • Suitable for Outdoor use
  • Hollow base can hold sand or water
  • Accepts signs up to 10mm thick
  • Width of base 201/2″
  • Multiple bases can be used for wide signs
  • ETA : 3 weeks
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Spring Base Sidewalk Sign

  • Spring Mounted Doublesided Sign Base
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Hollow base can hold sand or water
  • Antiglare poster covers
  • Snap Frame profiles
  • Wheel base for transport
  • ETA : 3 weeks
  • Starts at $395 including inserts. Base only $280.
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Standard Aframe


If you are located in a plaza or strip mall or downtown where there is walking traffic you can use a sidewalk sign to attract attention. There are many variations of sidewalk signs, from simple a-frames to more complex frames to resist the wind or make it easy to change the message on.  Many businesses will use these to communicate a funny message to entice walkers in their front doors.  Don’t forget to brand your sidewalk signs in both cities as sometimes pedestrians cannot see you building sign in tight places such as down town areas, so the brand on the a-frame helps tell them who you are and what you do.

  • Standard Sizes:
    • 24? x 32? tall
    • 32? x 48? Tall- Large
    • Custom Sizes available.

Comes with

  • Metal reinforced handle
  • Cutout feet to keep graphics off the ground.
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