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Banner Replacements

Maybe you already have some hardware and you want new banners on it? 99% of the time we can do that too!

We would need to come and do an oniste to measure your hardware and determine the installation method and then we can work with you to come up with the best design if you need.

From design to manufacture to install we have you covered.

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Standard Pole Hardware with Banner

Check out our standard light pole banner bracket system.  Wind tested, spring loaded this system reduces the force of the unpredictable winds on the banners. No wind slits needed!

These brackets are easy to change out, low maintenance which makes running your ongoing marketing program a “breeze” (pun intended).

Banner sizes will vary with your needs as well as the size and thickness of your poles.

2ft is the standard width- and the height can be up to 6-8ft for best results.

Want a quote on pole banners? Check out our “Cadillac hardware” before you decide!

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Windfighter Pole Banner System

Windfighter banner systems have been manufactured specifically by a Canadian company 20 years ago to be safe to be used at the waterfronts around the East Coast.  Engineered to withstand the kinds of winds you see in hurricanes without banners failing and tearing.

So the winds we get here in Grande Prairie should be no problems?  We do get some intense gusting winds especially in the spring and fall.  And windfighters withstand them no problem.

How do they work? The unique quad spring set up takes the force of the wind and transfers it into the pole, so it does all the work. The dual bar system keeps tension on the banners so they become as stiff as a board.  This allows banners to be kept out for years (our record is 7).

Are they more expensive? Definitely!   But you never HAVE to replace the banners, you just may WANT to!

We use windfighter banners on the road sides and in parking lots where no one wants to see a failure that may damage vehicles below.


  • 2?
  • 3?


  • Up to 10 ft doubslided

Ask us for more information!

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