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Reception A- Vinyl Logo with ACM Backer Post Mounted

Use vinyl on aluminum composite material (some call it Dibond) with the stainless post mounts. Its a high end look on a budget.  The aluminum composite (dibond) can come in white, black, colors or brushed silver or gold.  Post Mounting will raise it off the back surface of the wall for some depth and allow it to shine.  Add some task lighting and any sign will shine in your office or store.

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Reception B – Dimensional Logo on ACM

Adding dimension to your office sign can be as easy as flush mounting it to a backing board made of aluminum composite. From white, black, aluminum we can accommodate any design choices and keep your logo on brand. The dimension comes from a thicker material like acrylic or even a light foam product.  By mounting the sign with stainless standoffs you can create an upscale look and stay on budget.

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Reception C – Acrylic Backed Sign with Vinyl Logo

Take clear, white or black (or any color really) of acrylic and combine it with vinyl letters/logos and some stand offs and you have a beautiful sign for your office! There is something about how smooth and shiny and how deep acrylic feels.   It can be a square or any shape really, the limit is your imagination (and brand of course!)

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Reception Custom Signs

Some logos are not meant to be contained in a standard sign shape and material.  So we offer all sorts of customizations:

  • Color
  • Mounting Method
  • Material
  • Material Thicknesses
  • Effects
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Reception D Acrylic with Dimensional Logo or Text

Take the beautiful acrylic signs to the next level by swapping out the vinyl logo for a dimensional logo! Choose from Acrylic (1/8? to 1/5? thick), Ultra Board (1/2? to 1?thick) and others like metal or metal effect.

Installed flush or spaced off the backing board you can achieve layers and interest especially if your logo is multifaceted.

Ask us today how to achieve this look!

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Reception E Floating Clear Dimensional Signs

Our most unique product! From some angle it looks like it is floating! We call this” Dave’s Special”

Using clear acrylic we mount it to the wall using a clear adhesive and it gives an illusion of floating!

The face of the material is matched to your logo and when a direct light is applied along the back of the sign it also glows!

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Reception F Etched Acrylic with Logo or Text

Instead of boring white or black as a background why not use our etched film on clear acrylic?  The material evokes a high end look and feel, that works with your background and yet still allows your logo to stand out on any wall.

Our most popular sign combination for reception area signs.

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