Banners Grande Prairie

Banners are the fastest and most simple tool many brick and mortar businesses have to drive attention and traffic to their business. From NOW OPEN to SALE and more. But banners can get a bad wrap for a few reasons, from failing and ripping to not laying flat they can come with a challenge. What do you need to know about banners?

Radio Station Banner 1047 2Day FM

What can I put on my banner?

We print 99% of our banners now, so anything goes pretty much.  If you are not sure send us a proof or picture! There are times when a solid color text banner will be made (depends on longevity and how it is being installed)

How can it be finished?

We can leave the edges raw, hem (sewn or glued), grommets or Rod Pockets! Lots of options.

Are they good for inside or outside?

Both! It all depends on your expectations. If you want a banner to be outside and last a long time you have to invest in how its installed. You can use a frame or even just have a solid backing and lots of screws!  Inside banners are great for sponsorship’s, trade shows and more.


How long will my banner last?

Again it depends on how you install them. We have a banner on the Grower Direct location in Grande Prairie that has been up on their building for years! (Like 5+) and then another we did for GP Autogroup that was moved to a second location that failed in 15-20 days.

How long does it take?

Anywhere from 1 + days.  For big projects or dye sublimated fabric it can take 10+ days.

What are some products that are banners that don’t look like it?

Please contact our office at 780 538 2030 ex 0  or fill in this form to get a quote.  If you are not sure about the size let us come and do an onsite and we will measure it for you.

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