Often the best first impression you can make with your business, a poorly sized, lit and constructed outdoor storefront sign can really affect your business!

8 out 10 consumers have entered a store because a sign caught their eye.

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More than 2/3 of consumers surveyed believe a store signage is reflective of the quality of the product or service in the store.


So what does this mean for you?

Lets start with the TYPES of outdoor Storefront Signs.


Flat Panel Signs are typically the most cost effective and easiest to install of all building/ storefront signs. Material comes in 4×8 ft sheets, so multiple of those sizes make for easiest use of material. For a complete materials list please click here. The most common material is an Aluminum Composite (also called Dibond or ACM or Alupanel). It lasts the longest without weathering. Click here for more information on this type of sign and to see some picture examples.


contour_signs_broken tine

Contoured Flat Panel Signs are similar to the Standard, but we cut the sign into a shape. This can give your sign a higher end look and feel without a crazy increase in costs. Please click here for examples



Dimensional Signs can be made from many different types of materials. The difference mostly in two areas. Thickness and Longevity.   There are also many different ways to install a dimensional sign. For examples and more information please click here.


  • Backlit Cabinet

Backlit Sign on Building

Many businesses move into a new location and have a Sign Box they need to use.  Not only can you reuse them but you can also build new cans.  When it comes to cost effective back lighting of a sign a standard LED cabinet is the best of both worlds.  Not all types of businesses need creative and fancy.  Click here for more information.


  • Channel Letters

Channel Letters are a high end lit solution for many businesses.  They can be customized to provide a very classy and effective option for many clients. Pictures really will show you the best Channel Letters have to offer so please click for more information.


  • Custom Solutions

Like most things our standard products won’t always work. Sometimes the building, lines of sight and other factors can dictate the need to come up with some customized solutions.  We enjoy these projects a lot, and we are very proud. Please click to see some images from recent projects.



Most businesses will only buy one or two outdoor storefront signs in their lifetime, so you don’t have to be the experts. We are happy to come on site, and discuss your need and vision.  As long as its within the Grande Prairie and Calgary area there may be no charge for this.

Where do I start?

Here are the steps we like to go through when working on outdoor sign projects.

1. ON Site- We come take pictures and measurements, we discuss your needs and ideas and collaborate to get a direction.

2.  Concepts: Usually we can prepare a couple options for you to show you what it might look like.  If its really simple and straightforward we may provide a price and proof for your to review.

3.  Quotation: Before any work begins we will give you a price and a proof to approve.

4.  Sign Permit * – If needed this is where the sign permit application would be completed. This can be done by you or we can provide that service.

5. Deposit: Projects over $1,000 are subject to a 50% deposit prior to production. This can be handled by Cheque or Credit Card.

6. Production Begins: We can give you a general ETA and once the production is completed we will call to book the installation

7. Installation: (if required) Our team if installers will be onsite and get your approval on location before starting.