What are dimensional signs and how are they different from Contoured Signs?

The short answer is not a lot different. In our world a contour is less detailed and usually on piece where a dimensional sign is usually quite detailed, normally individual letters or parts of logos.  There can be multiple layers and ways to mount to create different effects.


Can they be indoor or outdoor?

Yes they can be both.  Some materials can do double duty and work in both situations.  With our terrible winters in Alberta you need sign materials that will last- but it is budget based.


Materials for Dimensional Signs

Some common materials are Foam, Acrylic, PVC, Aluminum Composite, Metal (Aluminum and other coatings).  These can be routered (CNC), laser cut or cut by hand.


How are they installed?

Depending on the size and weight and surface they are being mounted to, they can be

  • FLUSH mounted – direct to surface, we can also give a floating illusion by using a clear layer against the wall.
  • POST (or PIN) mounted – posts are inserted into drilled holes in the interior or exterior wall, a spacer can be used to space the sign off the wall to give an appearance of floating.


How long does it take?

From the approval/deposit step an average dimensional sign will take 2-3 weeks minimum.

Can they be lit?

Yes there are ways to light dimensional signs for inside or outside purposes.  If this is something you are interested in please mention it early on as it does restrict material usage.  ALL of these signs can be lit externally as well by internal spot lights or external Shepard lights.

For more information please submit a quote request or call our office 780-538-2030 – ext 0


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