Make a Sign Work for Your Business

Calgary is a bustling metropolis. Don’t let your business just blend in. Make it stand out! A sign can do that. Between foot passengers and vehicle traffic your business is likely seen by thousands of people each and every day! Tell them what you do. Make sure that they know you have a service that they need either today, or will need at some point in the future.

Exterior Signage

Your storefront offers valuable retail space. You start selling before the customer even walks in the front door. Let your windows, the sidewalk, and your front door do the selling for you!

Window Awnings and Window Signs

Not only do window awnings provide your staff with much needed shade and appropriate indoor lighting, but they are also valuable advertising space! Awnings are a fantastic way to reiterate your brand while also being unobtrusive, and functional! Speedpro Signs offers Window Awnings in a variety styles. Contact us today for more details.

Don’t just leave it up to the window awnings though! The windows themselves are also a marketing and branding opportunity. Does your business have seasonal promotions or limited time sales? If so, the window is a fantastic spot to advertise this! Don’t rely completely on print ads to reach your targeted audience. Speedpro Signs created custom window graphics to fit all budgets and specifications. Our full colour vinyl lettering and graphics are quite the showstoppers!

Channel Letters and Dimensional and Contoured Signage

A branded storefront goes a long way to create an image of professionalism and success! Calgary is a competitive city, each and every business has a fantastic service to offer. Make yours stand out with a sign to match your industry. Depending on your business, our Speedpro Sign representatives can advise suggest the best sign for your business. In addition to Channel Letters, Dimensional Signs and Countour Signage, we also offer fully custom solutions. Perhaps you want your storefront sign to recreate the facade of your building, or to wrap around two sides on a corner lot. We can do that! If you have a vision for your business’ signage – we want to help you make it happen!  

Sandwich Boards

A Sandwich board tells your customers when you’re open without them having to find a parking spot only to be disappointed.  Make it as clear and simple as possible for your existing or potential customer to engage with you! Update your sandwich board regularly with sales promotions and features. Do you offer daily specials, or monthly deals? Tell your customers! What are your primary offerings and services? Put it on a sandwich board!

Speedro Signs Calgary and Your Business

Speedpro Signs wants to help you make your business as successful as possible. In addition to the Exterior Signs mentioned already, we also offer Coroplast Signs, Banners, Tradeshow Displays, Decals, Parking Signs, and much more! Contact us today for a free quote!