Calgary Coroplast Signs

The Benefits of Coroplast Signs

Coroplast is the brand of material chosen by print professionals for today’s general advertising needs. It is made of corrugated fiberboard, making it incredibly robust for both indoor and outdoor uses. Don’t let Calgary’’s extreme weather stand between you and your advertising goals! Coroplast signs are waterproof and resistant to stains! Coroplast is also much lighter than traditional signage. You can use this type of signage anywhere throughout your entire business, and be confident in its durability and versatility.

Making Coroplast Signs Work for Your Business

Coroplast Signs are available in any colour imaginable! A wide variety of stock colours are available at any time for your advertising needs. Custom colours are also available at request. A minimum order requirement for custom colours will likely apply. Contact us for more details on custom colour orders. Coroplast is an incredibly light and versatile signage material. Each piece is 12mm and has been treated with “Corona Discharge.” This application ensures that ink and adhesives adhere without fail.

Coroplast Archival Protection

Depending on your business, you need to keep documents, materials and documents safe. At times this requires special materials. For this reason exactly, Coroplast has developed their Archival Protection material. Like all Coroplast products, it is lightweight, reusable and stain resistant. It is also chemical resistant and moisture proof! This product is ideal for businesses that need to store paper documents without the risk of damaging these items. Coroplast products are unique in their twin wall design that uses fluted plastic.

Using Coroplast for Sign Mounting

Coroplast is an incredibly versatile product. Not only can it be used as a sign on it’s own, it can also be used to mount additional signage. Do you work in a space where signage rotates frequently? If so, Coroplast may be the solution. It’s twin wall moisture proof plastic fluting makes it ideal for backing, and mounting.

Fire Resistant Signs Using Coroplast

There are a lot of things you need to think about as a business owner, ensuring that your signage is as safe as possible should be a weight off your shoulders. Coroplast offers a Flame Resistant option called Coroplast Firewall FRB. Like all Coroplast products it uses the same twin wall plastic fluting. To make it fire resistant a block-copolymer resin has been added to the process. Special inks have been created to adhere to this product.  Due to the resin applied to this product, it is less flexible than other Coroplast products.

Calgary’s Coroplast Sign Experts

There are many benefits to using Coroplast products for your business. Consider Speedpro Signs your Calgary expert in Coroplast. Speedpro Signs prides ourselves in staying ahead of the curve! Our primary goal is offering our clients the very best in innovative products and techniques. Contact us today to see if using Coroplast is right for your business!