Dimensional signs for your business

dimensional eastlinkWhen you are looking to make a sign statement going from 2D to 3D can do that for you.  We custom make logos and letters from many different thicknesses and finishes. From Solid Colors, Metals and more.

We can help you select the right materials for the look you are going for.

Common Dimensional Letter and Logo types:

Plastic Letters: are very versatile, from solid acrylic letters to custom formed plastic letters we can customize to fit your application. Exterior Plastic Letters can in some cases come with a lifetime warranty.

Metal Letters:  When you want the most high end look nothing beats a metal letter sign. It oozes beauty.  We offer over 10 different types of real metal with a variety of finishes.IMAG0777

“Pretend” Metal Letters: Sometimes budget is a a factor, so we can compromise with a metal faced letter or logo. Bonded to acrylic or a closed cell foam this can be a way t get the look without breaking the bank.

Foam Letters: Sometimes you need a lighter option and Foam letters can fill that need. WE can customize the color and finish like all other materials and it can save your wall from holes or aggressive adhesives.

Want to touch and feel? We have samples of all of our materials.












Call our office today to get some of those samples or to book an onsite visit.

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FAQ – Dimensional Signs

How long does it take?

Most custom signs, will take 3-4 weeks. Each custom sign gets its own timeline in our Special Projects Production Line. Your install is dependent on access and weather, but we book you in as soon as we can.

What if I need it in a rush?

We deal with RUSH requests every day. We try to balance your needs with what we stock and how quickly we can help you. Many customers have used our RUSH delivery and we try to make sure you get what you need when you need it.

How do you install dimensional signs?

We start by doing an on site visit, the material we are installing on dictates our methods usually.  We can flush mount using adhesives or post mount. Post mount involves drilling holes for each letter. If holes are not an option we can also make a backing for the letters to mount to that saves

What can I put on my sign?

In this day and age you can pretty much put anything on your sign. Certainly there are limits to how large some images can be printed…. but we can usually take what you have and make it work.  If you want something no one else has all you have to do us ask!

Can I order 1 sign?

Yes you can we do have a minimum order of $50, but no minimum quantity.  If you order multiples you will save as you add volume.

I want to see it before I order it can I?

Yes you can. Every order is proofed online where you get to see every proof before it goes to production.  You can also approve your proofs in person at our Grande Prairie Offices.  You can also talk directly to our lead designer if you want to talk changes! Nothing goes to production without approval.