How many potential customers drive by your business every day?

Cutting through the clutter is important in today’s business landscape.  The best investment a business can make is in a properly designed and manufactured custom outdoor sign to drive traffic into your front door.  Customers make judgments on your business based on your external appearance. A well fabricated custom sign package can increase your revenue by increasing the street appeal of your business before they walk in your front door.

ROAD SIDmoreisbetterE SIGNS

Driving traffic can be your best source of eyes on your business.  What do you do if you are set back or blocked from the road? You can use a roadside sign to advertise!  In Calgary you can put a temporary sign on land you own but you need permission from the landlord if you do not own the property.  Road Side signs can be printed in full color or simple words.  If you own the frame (vs renting) you can own the signs and change the message yourself. Keep it fresh as regular drivers notice changes and appreciate them


aframes-directionalSIDEWALK SIGNS

If you are located in a plaza or strip mall or downtown where there is walking traffic you can use a sidewalk sign to attract attention. There are many variations of sidewalk signs, from simple a-frames to more complex frames to resist the wind or make it easy to change the message on.  Many businesses will use these to communicate a funny message to entice walkers in their front doors.  Don’t forget to brand your sidewalk signs in both cities as sometimes pedestrians cannot see you building sign in tight places such as down town areas, so the brand on the a-frame helps tell them who you are and what you do.


flags precision autiFLAGS

You have probably seen many teardrop or feather styled flags in front of many businesses in the city.  They are light, portable and fairly in expensive. because they move with the wind they attract the eye of passers by. You do need a place to set them. If you have grass they can be staked in the ground, pavement there are water bases to hold them down or alternatively you can have a base that you drive your car tire on to hold the flag in place. You can also attach flags like this to your building.


Billboards are a well known, expensive form of advertising that only works well for some businesses. How can the average small business afford a billboard?  1. Be very specific and drive traffic for a great reason.  2. Find an alternative, can you get an old trailer or SeaCan and Cover it with your billboard? Make a contract with a landowner and you can make it more affordable.


We make all sorts of custom outdoor sign projects that include all types of manufacturing. If you have an idea bring it to us, or if you have no idea we can help…. some of our best ideas have come from a blank space!

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