Calgary Decals

The Benefits of Decals

Decals are an efficient and often inexpensive way to establish brand identity to a large number of people. They are convenient to use, and can be applied to a very wide variety of objects. Many Calgary businesses can benefit from the use of decals. For example, delivery services, restaurants, bars and cafes, healthcare professionals, retail businesses and more. Read on to learn about different decal options.

Vehicle Decals

The most obvious location for decals is your company vehicle. Your company cars are likely the most mobile of your advertising platforms. They’re seen everywhere, all around town! As you know, the more often your brand is seen, the more recognized and trusted your brand will be! In addition to solidifying your brand, you can also use decals to display your contact information. His can include your phone number, address, and webpage. Allow viewers to make the first step in getting in touch with you. All you have to do is drive around!

Speedpro Signs offers both sticker decals as well as full wraps. Don’t feel as though you need to stop at the company truck though! You can add a decal to landscaping equipment, tools and even the toys in the waiting room! Let your imagination get the best of you!

Window Decals

Windows are an excellent spot to put decals! Speedpro Signs creates some of Calgary’s most exciting window decals. Our visually appealing custom graphics translate directly into sales. Better yet, our window decals are completely reusable. Simply peel them off, and they’re ready to use next year.

Speedpro Signs offers window decals in a variety of transparencies: from frosted to translucent to opaque. There are further options to cover a portion of the window or the entire thing! Window decals are an excellent alternative to renovations. Do you need to create privacy? Instead of adding a wall, or changing a door, use that space for advertising! Add an opaque window decal. It adds visual interest while displaying your brand message at the same time.

Promotional Decals: Stickers!

Stickers! Who doesn’t love them! At Speedpro Signs we love designing and printing exciting stickers for our clients. Whether you’re giving them out to children (or children at heart), or using them in giveaways, or selling them, Speedpro Signs has the right product for you. We offer both traditional single use stickers, and reusable decals that can be used on windows and electronics. Let these visually appealing decals do all the work for you! All you have to do is give us a call!

Wall Decals

If walls could talk…. well now they can! With decals! Whether you need your walls to display logistical information like instructions or directions, a welcome message, or an inspirational quote we can make it happen! Wall decals are an unobtrusive, minimal way to display information without overwhelming your customers. We use paint safe materials, and can install it upon request.  Call us today to discuss all of your decal options.