Calgary Tradeshow Displays

The Importance of Tradeshow Signs 

Tradeshows are a visually over stimulating environment. With so many booths to look at and compete with, standing out in the crowd is important. Don’t get overlooked this year! Speedpro Signs can work with you to develop your Tradeshow package based on your needs and your budget. Below are some examples of the products we offer. Everything is 100% customizable.

Tradeshow Vertical Banner and Banners Stands

Banners are the “go-to” Tradeshow requirement. A Banner frames your booth and tells those walking by what you do in a nutshell. There are many different kinds of banners and banner stands. You can choose from a variety of materials that suit your needs, including new more environmentally conscious products. We suggest you start by choosing a banner stand. Select from Bamboo, Metal, Roll Up, Easel and more. There is a banner stand available for all budgets, speak to a Speedpro Signs professional today!

Custom Tradeshow Tents

What is going to make your booth stand out amongst all the rest? A custom pop up tent is a fantastic start! Tents allow you to give your guests a clear area to walk into, where they know they will be spoken to by a representative. Set up information tables, sample tables, refreshments, and brochures where those more shy guests can learn about your business before initiating a conversation.

Custom Tablecloths and Table Skirts

Your Tradeshow booth will have tables. Make sure those tables support your brand image and don’t just take up valuable space! Speedpro Signs offers totally custom tablecloths and table skirts. In addition to reiterating your brand, you can use the space below the table, shielded by the attractive table skirt to store extra print materials and supplies!

Custom Literature and Brochure Stands

You’ve printed off 5000 brochures and booklets. Now where do you put them! Make sure your print materials are centrally located and easy to grab. The more reminders there are of your business once your guests hit the parking lot, the better. You want them to have something tangible to remember you by.

You won’t get to speak to everyone at the tradeshow, it’s simply too busy! For those you don’t get to, ensure that a literature stand or brochure is available to them. All of the crucial information, as well as your website and contact details will be on that brochure. Furthermore, you can brand the totally customizable literature stand to match your overall look and theme. Happy Selling!

Calgary’s Custom Tradeshow Booths

At Speedpro Signs we love bringing the tradeshow booth of your dreams into reality! Get in touch with us today to discuss your goals. We can’t wait to hear from you!