What is the Speedpro Story?

The Speedpro story can start in a few different places. One could be the beginning of a new franchise concept that was based in Kelowna, BC: a quick serve sign shop (think same day service) that has now grown into a more mature and sustainable franchise system that can boast the largest in Canada.

Or it could start when the first owners opened the Grande Prairie location in 1995? But the story that most people are interested in is the one that started in late 2002 when we (Jen and Dave) bought the business from the original owners with a youthful (naive possibly) energy and the belief that anything was possible. Breaking boundaries, rules and records was par for the course. It wasn’t easy, and we didn’t take our success for granted!  Not to brag, but winning awards does help keep you motivated. The recognition from the Speepdro Canada organization is a wonderful pat on the back! Being part of a franchise is great. The network of other owners know exactly how you feel because they feel or have felt that way. We have learned from stores bigger and smaller than our own, and have grown the business to where we are now.

Looking forward, we have a great vision and plan for Speedpro that will see us continue to grow. This includes introducing more new technology to get our work done faster and easier, reducing our environmental impact as much as possible and seeing our faithful staff rewarded with a future that they find rewarding and fulfilling.

So the story is not a linear one. It is filled with lots of twists and turns, but at the end there is always something to learn, someone to help and something to celebrate.